About Us

Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 114, located in Bedford, NH. We are an Active Pack! We have Den meetings and Pack meetings and we have lots of other activities for boys to enjoy with their parents, siblings and fellow Scouts. Please see below for information about scouting and what we do in a typical year.  

What is Cub Scouts?

Part of the Boy Scouts of America, Cub Scouting is a wonderful way for boys to learn lifetime values and skills while having fun in a non-competitive, safe and positive environment. It offers educational activities designed to help parents teach their sons how to make good decisions throughout their lives and give them confidence as they become the adult leaders of tomorrow. Cub Scouting teaches a boy to Do His Best and Be Helpful To Others.

What is a Den? What is a Pack?

Your son will belong to a “Den” with 5-10 other boys of the same age or grade. Dens usually meet twice a month on a weeknight or after school for 60-90 minutes. All Dens together, make up the “Pack”. We currently have about 75 scouts in the Pack.

How do we meet and learn?

Our Pack meetings are held about once a month, pack meetings are designed to include FUN, LEARNING, or ACTIVITY, usully all three. Siblings are welcome to all Pack meetings except possibly when space is limited at offsite facilities or Overnights. Den meetings are scheduled in between. Examples of pack meetings include Scavenger Hunts, Rocket Launches, Family Camping, Pinewood Derby, Chuckwagon Derby, and much more.  Learning happens everywhere and Scouts’ efforts are rewarded with recognition through patches, badges, pins and belt loops along with rank advancement. Most importantly, there is the self-confidence that comes from the satisfaction of doing one’s best!

What are the age requirements?

Boys entering Grades K - 5 are welcome to join Cub Scouts.  Kindergarteners will be Lion Scouts.  1st Grade are Tigers. 2nd Grade Wolfs.  3 Grade Bears and boys entering 4th or 5th grade can join a Webelos Den.  Pack 114 maintains 2 or 3 dens per age age group and will generally arrange the scouts by schools, but not always.  We find it generally helpful for the boys to be with other scouts they know through school or sports.  

What are the time commitments? 

Scouts in Pack 114 balance scouting with Sports, Music, and many other after school activities.  Plan on scouting taking up a 3-4 evenings/month and the occasional Saturday morning or afternoon. Dens generally choose a day of the week to meet that works best for the majority.  Having multiple dens allows flexibility to choose what will work best for your family.  

What does it cost?

There is an annual fee of $65 for new scouts, and $60 for returning scouts. The fee covers registration costs to the BSA, which includes a year’s subscription to Boys’ Life magazine. It also provides the Pack with operating funds for Den materials, Pack meeting programs and venues, advancement & activity badges and t-shirts for new members. A majority of the Pack’s costs are aided through our annual Popcorn fundraiser. The first $150 of popcorn sold by each boy contributes $50 directly to the Pack budget. Additional sales credit the Scout’s personal account which may be used to pay for special activities such as overnights, summer camp, etc. Parents will also need to purchase Cub Scout uniform items and a handbook (Approximately $50-$65).

Who runs the Pack?

Everyone does! The Pack runs on the concept of many hands make light work. Parent volunteers fill the roles of Den Leader right through Cubmaster. We look for parent participation to assist in coordinating events and help the pack keep a fun, safe, learning environment for the boys. If you are new to Scouting, no worries, we provide training and have a range of parents that have been in scouting for years that happily pass on their knowledge and experience.

Are parents required to stay for meetings?

Parent involvement is important and strongly encouraged throughout the Cub Scout experience. A parent (or responsible adult) of Scouts in Tiger, Wolf and Bear Dens is encouraged to stay for Den meetings in order to assist their scout and Den leader as needed. At the Webelos level, this requirement may be waived at the discretion of the Den leader. For Pack Meetings and all activities, at least one parent or responsible adult is encouraged to remain for the duration of the meeting. We understand how busy our families can get and know that it "takes a village" and it's defintely okay to have someone watch your scout or bring them to meetings or home afterwards.  

Where to learn more? 

Click the Contact Us link to the left and ask us any questions.  We'll try to get back to you right away.